Your ship is my business

Created in the beginning by a crowd of pilots exilliados of different factions of the universe, Oniworld became the place were ended all those who are too "different" to fit in traditional society

Using a code of aid and cooperation between members, while applying non-interference in the private affairs of others peers, the oni became in a fierce clan, in which honor, ethics and morals are so varied and changing that can not be understood by those who follow rigid thought processes and behavior.

This incomprehension which the members has been allowed to join this great conglomeration of cultures, classes, races and creeds, to form a large family in which not despise nor judge peers, nor is feared by the unexpected behavior. An oni always help their peers, even risking his life for them, knowing that his brothers would do the same to save

We are the place to reach those who have no peace. We are the difference. we are Oniworld